May 14, 2012

Fire It Up

This weekend I was finally able to somewhat catch-up on photos. Finally cleared out many photos that were behind, so now I can focus on photos from May.

Saturday I attended a barbeque birthday party for two friends, that was titled The Paul & Kurt Show BBQ of Love, and made my awesomely-delicious watermelon-chipotle BBQ wings, which I set on fire once I arrived to finish them off. I just added half a cup of Everclear to the wings and lit them on fire before I was ready to serve, to help caramelize the sauce onto the wings and help to form a nice saucey crust.

Now I can focus on knocking out photos for Geek Girl Productions' May 2012 show, "Victorian Vixens," before the upcoming weekend for the Steampunk World's Fair.

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