June 29, 2010

AnimeNext 2010

Sorry for the lack of update, but I've been grinding on photos from AnimeNext since it ended. I took WAAYYY too many photos, LOL.

Saturday was the longest day for me, as I was pretty much shooting non-stop from 6am to 8pm. That's fourteen hours! I also shot two events, the Cosplay Burlesque performances on Friday night, as well as the Hangry & Angry Fashion Show on Saturday. Still unsure of how many shoots I did total, but I had a few no-shows, a few reschedules and a couple of shoots that were added on later. Met a lot of new people, as well as hung out with friends who were there. Ran into a few faces I didn't expect to see. A few people recognized my alias, as soon as I gave them my card, so I'm happy about that! :)

Anywho here's a few teasers with more on my Flickr. Remember, I'm still on Friday's photos!

Just to point out, this was my second time using my Canon 5D Mark II, and after getting the pics back, I can still see I need to do a little more fine-tuning on my end. The LCD of my camera shows the pics to be way brighter than the pics actually are, so I ended up adjusting my F-stops and ISO based on that, which in the end, gave me much darker pics. So now I know, and knowing is half the battle! Yo Joe! ;)

June 11, 2010

Movie Review: "The Karate Kid" (2010)

Got to check out a special sneak-preview of "The Karate Kid" yesterday from work and I was surprised at it being a pretty good movie. I went into it not hoping for much.

The acting for Jaden wasn't too bad, though at times he came off as a whiny little brat, but then again he's also a lot younger than Ralph Macchio 's character, Daniel, was. I enjoyed his acting for the most part, at least until the end, when a few lines felt forced, but this was after this version's "sweep the leg" moment.

A lot more frenetic, blurred choreography sequences than I was hoping for - mainly used to hide Jaden's lack of martial arts, while he did do many of his own sequences, he's not perfect for having only so much time to train.

I actually enjoyed the music selection for this! I know it's close-minded to think this, but I was seriously expecting a lot more hip-hop, but the movie had more pop and instrumental music than anything else. The few hip-hop/R&B songs were well-chosen, more of the lighter varieties, which I don't mind.

Pacing-wise, there are some slow moments, all during the training sequences. Like any U.S.-produced movie in China, you'll get a lot of scenes depicting the beauty of China's landscapes. I don't think this is primarily the studio's fault, so much as it is for the assistance of China's film commission. Still, it made the movie a little slower and longer in parts that it didn't need to be.

I gave the movie an 8/10 overall.

Also, guess who showed up :P

June 8, 2010


Tonight I attended Geek Girl Productions' video game cosplay burlesque event, Players, at Public Assembly in Brooklyn.

It was fun, got to meet some of the performers, some of whom I've been trying to keep in contact with to do some shoots later this month at AnimeNext.

Tonight was the first time I used my Canon 5D Mark II! Figured it was time to break this baby in, after sitting on it for months. All was well, except I ran out the door and grabbed the wrong camera lens! D'oh!!!

Still got some good photos though :)