January 30, 2010

Saturday Hijinks

Woke up early this morning and made my way to Coney Island to hit the beach. I wanted to see if I could catch any migrating cetaceans or pinnipeds in the water. When I got there it was cold as hell, despite bundling up, and the wind was blowing so much that the temperature was probably below zero. After five minutes of this, I just gave up and headed home.

Tonight I plan on attending Sextacular! Sextacular!, so hopefully I get some good pics of some performances.

Still going through the photos of last Sunday, but here's another photo from the shoot:

January 24, 2010

Great Energy

Today I shot a lot of great models, despite a lot of cancellations. Loved shooting Kennedy and Caitlin. The two of them had such great energy! Would definitely love to shoot them again in the near-future!

Here's a quick teaser pic:

January 18, 2010

2009 Year-In-Review

I attended a record amount of conventions... which isn't actually that much, but considering the last convention I went to was nearly a decade ago in the basement of a church... This year was intensive for me! I hit the New York Comic Con, AnimeNext, Mokucon and New York Anime Festival. I also hit the press day for the "Brooklyn Botanical Garden's Sakuri Matsuri.

Cosplay photography aside, I also got the chance to do a lot of photo shoots this year, both from meet-ups, as well as private shoots. Met plenty of great people, photographer and models (some cosplayers, others not, others both).

A lot of activity this year on my FlickR, which I was happy for! Got to do the concert photos for The Azoic and September Mourning, as well as studio photos for Cruel Black Dove and Blacklist.

Blog Added

Did a lot of searching for blogging scripts, but hopefully this will work properly for me... only time will tell!

EDIT - Guess not! I had set it up to update via RSS, when Blogger decided to cancel the feature unless you utilize their services to buy a domain name. Oh well, I'll still use this, but I have to visit their site to update :\