August 31, 2010

Geek Girl University & Triton Festival

Lots of photos to be taken this week, starting off with Geek Girl University. Nothing like a school-themed burlesque show to kick off the week!

This weekend is the three-day Triton Festival (from VampireFreaks) in Brooklyn (Brighton Beach), followed literally right afterwards by the 2nd Annual The Bank Reunion in Manhattan! There's also a pre-party for Triton Festival in Manhattan, so I'll probably make it to that too, since I scheduled myself to be off on Friday.

August 24, 2010

Fashion Show Photos Are Up! Strike A Pose!

Photos from the 2nd Annual Sugar & Spikes Rock 'N' Roll Fashion Show at the Knitting Factory|Brooklyn are now up on my Flickr -

Trademarked? Possibly!

Spent this morning going through the legal jargon of the U.S. Trademark Office to file my trademark claim for "Knightmare6" for section 41 (goods & services). Hopefully it goes well. Using their search engine, I didn't discover anything similar to my claim, so hopefully it'll go well. Just have to wait for them to conduct their own search and then their ruling.

One of the fields on the application asked for earliest usage, so I did a quick Google search and discovered one of my earliest uses of the "Knightmare6" handle was back in June 13th, 2000, on someone's guest book, LOL!

Google search... that bitch be scary sometimes!

August 18, 2010

Sugar & Spikes

Sorry for the lack of update, but been pretty busy running around. I'm still waiting to hear back from either the Nokia Theatre or Sony Music about getting a photo pass for the upcoming Dir En Grey and Apocalyptica concert next week, unless the venue will just allow DSLR cameras for that showing, as they sometimes do...

Tomorrow night I'll be covering the Sugar & Spikes Fashion Show at The Knitting Factory. Of course this is the Brooklyn location, not the old location in Manhattan. I haven't checked out the new location yet. My friend's band, Hate In The Box, will also be playing, so check them out if you attend!

Also just finishing up some pics from a shoot this past weekend on the sands of Coney Island :)