June 29, 2010

AnimeNext 2010

Sorry for the lack of update, but I've been grinding on photos from AnimeNext since it ended. I took WAAYYY too many photos, LOL.

Saturday was the longest day for me, as I was pretty much shooting non-stop from 6am to 8pm. That's fourteen hours! I also shot two events, the Cosplay Burlesque performances on Friday night, as well as the Hangry & Angry Fashion Show on Saturday. Still unsure of how many shoots I did total, but I had a few no-shows, a few reschedules and a couple of shoots that were added on later. Met a lot of new people, as well as hung out with friends who were there. Ran into a few faces I didn't expect to see. A few people recognized my alias, as soon as I gave them my card, so I'm happy about that! :)

Anywho here's a few teasers with more on my Flickr. Remember, I'm still on Friday's photos!

Just to point out, this was my second time using my Canon 5D Mark II, and after getting the pics back, I can still see I need to do a little more fine-tuning on my end. The LCD of my camera shows the pics to be way brighter than the pics actually are, so I ended up adjusting my F-stops and ISO based on that, which in the end, gave me much darker pics. So now I know, and knowing is half the battle! Yo Joe! ;)

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