June 11, 2010

Movie Review: "The Karate Kid" (2010)

Got to check out a special sneak-preview of "The Karate Kid" yesterday from work and I was surprised at it being a pretty good movie. I went into it not hoping for much.

The acting for Jaden wasn't too bad, though at times he came off as a whiny little brat, but then again he's also a lot younger than Ralph Macchio 's character, Daniel, was. I enjoyed his acting for the most part, at least until the end, when a few lines felt forced, but this was after this version's "sweep the leg" moment.

A lot more frenetic, blurred choreography sequences than I was hoping for - mainly used to hide Jaden's lack of martial arts, while he did do many of his own sequences, he's not perfect for having only so much time to train.

I actually enjoyed the music selection for this! I know it's close-minded to think this, but I was seriously expecting a lot more hip-hop, but the movie had more pop and instrumental music than anything else. The few hip-hop/R&B songs were well-chosen, more of the lighter varieties, which I don't mind.

Pacing-wise, there are some slow moments, all during the training sequences. Like any U.S.-produced movie in China, you'll get a lot of scenes depicting the beauty of China's landscapes. I don't think this is primarily the studio's fault, so much as it is for the assistance of China's film commission. Still, it made the movie a little slower and longer in parts that it didn't need to be.

I gave the movie an 8/10 overall.

Also, guess who showed up :P

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