September 9, 2010

Taking A Momentary Breath

Photography has been a little bit crazy lately...

I just finished covering the Triton Festival held by Vampirefreaks this past weekend. It basically went from Thursday night to Monday morning. I clubbed on Thursday, since that was the pre-party, but snapped photos like crazy from Friday to Sunday. Sadly due to the conflicting time schedules I never made it to the second annual The Bank Reunion :(

The Triton Festival was great! A lot of bands I liked, as well as some new ones. The only sad thing is I spent a good portion on Saturday night talking to one of the guest performers who sung along on one of the acts for like 15 minutes... however on Monday, I finally recognized her and realized that the woman I was talking to, Miss FD, used to go by the stage name, Frightdoll, and was someone I had loved the music of from years back, so now I'm kicking myself for not having pieced it sooner and taken a pic with her :(

Exhaustion, that's what it is... Really, no joke! Saturday morning I was so tired that I parked my car and didn't realize where I parked when I left my house on Saturday afternoon to go back to the festival. I spent ten minutes walking around trying to remember where I parked my car.

I still have Sunday's photos to go through and upload.

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