September 24, 2010

Buying Another Camera

So I decided to purchase another Canon Rebel XTI, but with a different body color. I'm going to have this one converted to do infrared and ultraviolet photography. The conversion process is $350 for just infrared, but for an additional $50 I can have it also do ultraviolet, so why the hell not?!!!

I was going to just use my old camera, but I'd rather have a backup in case my Canon 5D Mark II malfunctions.

Speaking of which, I'm still finding issues with the 5D's LCD giving me false readings. I've adjusted the LCD's brightness to match what the photos I get are like on the computer screen, but I still get off-colors and brightness. So for the time being I'm trying to uder-expose shots if possible, until I can see if there's some sort of firmware update.

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