March 16, 2014

SpringFest 2014

Checked out SpringFest for the first time today, at the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering in Downtown Brooklyn. I've heard stories, and wow, were they ever true! It was quite the disorganized mess in the very beginning. The lines didn't even start being let in until ALMOST two hours later!

Today was the first day I started shooting video interviews with cosplayers for my new interstitial series, slated to air for the Summer. Pretty chaotic, and it was just so noisy we took the interviews outdoors, but even outdoors it was windy despite the dead mouse on the microphone. So it's quite the experience, since right now I'm recording audio blindly thanks to being unable to listen to the audio until afterwards, due to the way the 5D Mark II is designed. I think next time I'll definitely have to get a lav mic for the Sony EX1 that we were using today as the B-roll camera. Anyways, got some great interviews with Koneko YourAverageNerd, Spectra Marvelous, Negative Stacey, Pixie Belle Cosplay, and Avalon Cosplay. It was also my camera man's first convention, and he was definitely blown away by the types of people he saw at the mini-convention.

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