August 29, 2012

Whale Spotting

I went out onto the Atlantic Ocean this afternoon, in the hunt for humpback whales. The first one we saw was actually two, a cow and her calf, but unfortunately they eluded us. We just saw their spouts from a distance twice.

The third one we saw was about two miles off the shore of Staten Island (NY) and Sandy Hook (NJ). We spent most of the time around this one. At one point, the whale changed directions and surfaced near the bow of the ship, where we almost hit it, but it dove under. All the pics from today's adventure are of this one, except for two pics (which I haven't put up).

The last one was seen when we were returning. We spotted this one in the waters between Staten Island and Breezy Point (NY), but this one was a speed demon. Saw this one about 2-3 times, before it vanished from site.

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